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Charlie is a graduate of Florida State University, with a degree in Insurance and Real Estate, and is retired from careers in Insurance, Real Estate and Residential Construction.  He's the father of four children, grandfather of nine grandchildren, and great grandfather of two great granddaughters.  He and his wife, Sandra, live in their dream home, designed and built by him, in Gulf Breeze, Florida


Sandra was a Program Director, Service Club Director, and Headquarters Librarian for U. S. Army Special Services for eight years from 1964-1972.  She was an editorial typist in The Library of Congress, Legislative Reference Service, Washington, D. C., bi-lingual, travel-reservation assistant in Stuttgart, Germany, and Real Estate Broker Associate in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida.  After leaving her real estate career, she joined the faculty of Pensacola State College as a Reference Librarian.  She earned a Doctor of Education Degree in 1990 from Florida State University, taught education, college success, and internet research. She retired from the College as a District Department Head of Learning Resources Services in 2008. 


They are enjoying retired life, writing, speaking, and spending time with family and friends.  Life is good.

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